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Automotive Batteries in Pennsylvania

Find a range of battery options in West Chester, Pennsylvania, including auto batteries and marine batteries. Interstate Battery of Delaware Valley provides you with safe and affordable batteries for commercial and residential purposes.

Overall Best Brand

We offer the overall best brand of automotive batteries in the U.S. In an independent survey by Frost & Sullivan, Interstate emerged in 2007 and 2008 as the dominant leader with a 5 to 1 vote by technicians.
With combined professional battery services, recycling programs, and the largest battery distribution network in North America, we are America’s number-one battery firm. hnicians.

Factory Products

We sell more than 1 million car batteries each year and guarantee factory products at the time of purchase. Furthermore, our warranties are backed from coast to coast.

Commercial and Industrial Batteries

Interstate Battery of Delaware Valley in West Chester, Pennsylvania, i offers an array of battery options, including batteries for commercial and industrial purposes.

Proven Quality

With proven reliability and quality, Interstate’s heavy-duty batteries endure commercial demands and resist damage due to impact. The maintenance-free design includes a fully sealed top, gas-guard technology, a single-port vent, and a flame arrestor.

Cycling Technology

Our cycling technology maximizes reserve capacity, reduces paste shedding, increases heat resistance, and enhances deep discharge recovery rate to create a longer life. Furthermore, our outstanding vibration protection keeps plates locked in place and prevents short circuits.

Environment Protection

To protect you from environmental liability, we also provide unmatched indemnification with core pick-up and EPA-approved recycling.

Boat, RV, & Other Batteries

One out of every 5 Marine and RV batteries sold are Interstate batteries. Interstate’s deep-cycle and cranking marine and RV batteries are built by the industry’s leading manufacturer, who has more than 80 years of experience in research, design, and technology.

Unmatched Performance

Interstate PowerSports™ batteries provide unmatched performance, along with the outrageous dependability you’ve come to expect from the Interstate brand. Our high-impact cover resists breakage and the rigid plastic container and heat-bonded unit resists flexing under extreme vibration. In addition, our unique rib design withstands severe vibration and assures maximum conductivity.

High Mobility

While our batteries are optimized for mobility applications, many of our competitors use general purpose technology that yields less than optimum deep-cycle performance and durability. Each of our DCM Series™ mobility batteries are uniquely designed for wheelchair and scooter applications, providing up to twice the cycle life of the competition.

Golf Carts

Whether you’re riding the course or through the neighborhood, our golf cart batteries will not leave you stranded. Our batteries go longer on a single charge. Interstate Batteries’ golf car battery line has the longest drive time between charges in the industry. Durable enough to withstand the severe, repeated stress of deep cycling.

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